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Expert Opinion and Advice

The Fit For Work Team have a wealth of experience in managing employment and health issues for public and private sector organisations. We can offer expert opinion and advice from a team of GPs with an interest in occupational health as well as occupational and practice nurse support.

So if you have a need for informed medical opinion in the 'trickier' cases, notes reviews, for clients with musculoskeletal conditions and/or chronic pain problems contact us.

Avoiding Employment Tribunals

The Fit For Work Team has expertise in resolving disputes in the workplace before they escalate to the point where they end up in an employment tribunal. Our impartial mediation service is a simple and more flexible system and has the potential to save your clients time, money and stress.

Our Services

We offer the following services. Click on the tabs above to see the services available to you.

Please contact us to learn more on: 0116 31 21 200 or leave a message