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We can help you look after your most important asset – your people

We believe the best approach to supporting you is to discuss with you the needs of your organisation and offer a bespoke service to meet these needs.

Long Term Sickness Absence Support Programme

First Stage Initial Assessment:

This involves meeting with the employee and carrying out a face-to-face assessment/ interview. From the discussion we gain an insight into the employee’s concerns and issues, etc. A key part of this first stage process would be to develop an action plan for the employee. With the employee’s consent, we would be able to discuss this with you.

Second Stage – Interventions:

The initial assessment allows us to accurately establish the type of support required by the employee and the costs. The costs of second stage interventions will be dependent on the complexity and type of interventions the employee requires and can therefore vary.
Interventions may include signposting to other support agencies. Where we refer to NHS services, such as counselling support, we do not charge, however we do charge for our role in facilitation/ co-ordination of access and monitoring of progress as part of case management of the employee.
Clinical support of the employee may be sought from the Fit For Work Team Occupational Health Nurse and/or GP as part of a package of bespoke interventions.

Prices of interventions may be part of the second stage Long Term Sickness Absence Support Programme or can be purchased separately as required

  • Individual physiotherapy sessions

  • Package physiotherapy – includes four treatments plus any extra time needed for case management support

  • 1 hour medical support from GP (if employee needs a physical examination) – which includes a sickness absence report/occupational health assessment and dialogue with HR to discuss anything further regarding the report.

  • 1 hours medical support from Occupational Health Nurse – which includes a sickness absence report/occupational health assessment and dialogue with HR to discuss anything further regarding the report

Additional Services

  • Expert Occupational Health advice/reports – As above

  • Conflict resolution and mediation – An impartial service which provides the opportunity to bring individuals together to identify and agree a set of actions to help resolve any conflict or issues.

  • Health Checks - Offering employee health checks can be an opportunity to protect your business from unnecessary absenteeism. Health checks also make employees more aware of the ‘silent killers’.

  • Fast track and targeted physiotherapy and physical therapies

  • Sickness absence reduction and avoidance -

  • Organisational Development - Our unique and innovative organisational development programme looks at how the workplace climate can affect our health and wellbeing.

  • Workplace healthy living assessments - Our flagship programme helps businesses to identify and prioritise where to target action. Through a staff survey we assess the health and wellbeing needs of your staff.

  • Workplace stress risk assessments – 

  • Group programmes for smoking, weight management and exercise

  • Stress Management – See Training - The course aims to enable individuals to understand all aspects of stress, to identify the signs and symptoms of stress and to learn ways of managing their stress in a positive and healthy way.

  • Referral to psychological therapy/ support

  • Pre-employment questionnaire

  • Health surveillance

  • Pain Management

  • Any many more

All prices are exclusive of VAT (some services are VAT exempt, however, where appropriate VAT will be charged).

For more information please contact us on 0116 31 21 200 or leave a message and we'll get back to you